11. Atageldiev, Orazmuhammet

Biography: Date of birth unknown. Former Minister of State, Chairman of the State Corporation “Turkmengeologiya.”

Arrest and conviction: Relieved from duty in August 2005 for “serious shortcomings in his work” in the framework of a famous “oil rigger” case, along with two dozen other officials at a high level in the oil and gas industry, including four other people in the ministerial positions. It is assumed that all of them, including Atageldiev, were convicted for long-term sentences on corruption and, possibly, treason charges, and are still serving their prisons terms.

Current situation: Unknown. According to official information from the Government of Turkmenistan, presented at the annual EU-Turkmenistan Human Rights Dialogue in May 2016 in Ashgabat, he was never arrested and he is still a government official. However, there is no confirmation of this information from independent sources.