Redjepov, Akmurad

Date of Birth: 1952 (or 1948), born in Sakars region of Charjou Oblast.

Biography: He graduated from the Higher School of the KGB of the USSR (1974-1979). After graduating, he returned to Turkmenistan and served in the KGB in Charjou region. From 1980, he served in Ashgabat as an officer on special assignment with the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Turkmenistan, Mukhammetnazar Gapurov, and after his retirement in 1985, in the detail of the new Head of the Republic, Saparmurat Niyazov. From 1990 to May 15, 2007, he was the Head of the Security Service of the President of Turkmenistan. He earned the rank of Lieutenant-General. He was dismissed “in connection with his transfer to another job.”

Arrest and Conviction: On May 17, 2007 it became known that Redjepov had been arrested along with his son, Colonel of the MNS, Nurmurat Redjepov, who was called in to Ashgabat from the UAE, where he served as a counselor in the Embassy of Turkmenistan. (“Vremya Novostei,” 18.05.2007). According to unconfirmed reports, Redjepov was suddenly arrested the day after a meeting on May 12, 2007, in the city of Turkmenbashi, of the presidents of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia (“Vremya Novostei,” 31.07.2007). According to another source, he was summoned to a meeting and arrested even before the signing of the decree on the resignation was sentenced in July 2007 to 20 years imprisonment. Along with him, his son Nurmurat was convicted and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, and businessman Murad Agayev, former head of the firm “Oriental” was sentenced to 17 years. In March 2015, Redjepov’s relatives had no information about his fate. After the arrest of Murad Agayev, the Turkmen authorities did not allow his ex-wife, residing in Moscow, to bring to Russia their common children, twin sons (“Vremya Novostei,” 31.07.2007). Before the death of President Niyazov, the three convicts were associated with the business of his son Murad Niyazov, who was living abroad (importing alcohol and tobacco products on the basis of a special license, without paying taxes and customs duties). The arrested were charged with corrupt dealings, and crimes related to abuse of official position. According to Amnesty international (AI International Secretariat, 08.04.2008, EUR 04/001/2008), Nurmurat Redjpov was released under an amnesty in October 2007.