Yklymov, Amanmukhammet

NoPhotoDate of Birth: November 23, 1948, born in Dargan-Ata district Chardjou area, Ashgabat

Citizenship: Turkmen

Residence at time of arrest: Ashgabat

Position when arrested: Unknown

Date of arrest: Wanted in November 2002, was arrested on 25 November 2002 and was detained incommunicado in the “trial center” of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. His videotaped “confession” was shown on TV on December 4, 2002.[1]

Charges: Participation in the alleged assassination attempt on President Niyazov. He was convicted in January 2003 on Art.14 -101 , part 2 , paragraph “a”, ” b”, “f”, “g”, “h”, “i”, “l”, 129, part 3, 169 Part 1 and 2, 174 Part 2, Part 1 176 214 Part 2, Part 1 of 218, 2.3, 231 Part 4, paragraph “a”, ” b”, p 235 Part 2. “a”, “b”, 254 part 4 , paragraph “a”, ” b”, 271, part 3, part 2, 273, 275, Part 1, Part 3 287 of the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan[2].

Sentence: He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment: 5 years in prison, the rest in a penal colony, followed by living in a prescribed place for 5 years and the prohibition to hold substantive and responsible management positions for 3 years.[3]

Biography: He is a businessman and brother of Yklym, Saparmurat and Orazmammet Yklymov. He graduated from the Faculty of History of the Turkmen State University (in absentia). He worked as deputy head of a farm in the outskirts of Ashgabat. On November 18, 1987, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment on charges of misappropriating a loan from an Iranian firm.

Treatment during arrest/detention/imprisonment: He has been reportedly tortured throughout the time of his detention.[4] The torture reportedly included severe beatings and the administration of large doses of psychotropic drugs, which resulted in fits and paralysis down the right side of his body. His family claims that as a result of the torture, he lost sight in his left eye and the hearing in his left ear. His left arm was reportedly broken and he was hardly able to move. Sources allege that a plastic bag was put over his head to restrict his breathing, and that he was suspended by his arms, and forced to wear a gas mask, to which the air supply was cut off. The court reportedly ignored Amanmukhammet Yklymov’s allegations that he was tortured in custody. His brother Saparmurat Yklymov told Amnesty International from exile in Sweden in January 2003: “Amanmukhammet was already ill before they arrested him. I’m afraid he may not survive.” All contact with or news about Mr. A. Yklymov stopped on February 20th, 2003.[5]

Relatives Arrested/ harassed/detained: On November 25, 2002, at 11 AM, all members of the Yklymov family were taken from their houses by KNB and MIF officials, and brought to the house of Yklym Yklymov’s mother, Edzhebai. Armed soldiers were posted inside and outside the house. Then they took Orazmammet away in handcuffs. The same day they took all of the males in the family, including those under age. The adolescents were abused and harshly beaten in prison. On November 28, 2002, at 2 AM, all the women and children were woken up, and the courtyard of the house was filled with KNB and MNS officials. Everyone was ordered to leave the house, without the chance to get dressed or get belongings, and was evicted into the streets. At this time approximately 50 women and children total were among those arrested, detained, imprisoned or harassed as part of collective punishment inflicted upon the Yklymov family.

  • Yklymov, Orazmammet ( See below);
  • Yklymov, Yklym (See p.39);
  • Niyazdurdyev, Davlet (See p. 48).

Current situation: Unknown.


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