Yklymov, Orazmammet

NoPhotoDate of Birth: 1950 in Dargan-Ata district of Chardjou area of Ashgabat

Citizenship: Russian and Turkmen

Residence when arrested: Ashgabat

Position when arrested: Businessman

Arrest: He was arrested on 25 November, 2002.

Charges: Participation in the alleged assassination attempt on President Niyazov. He was convicted on 18 January 2003 by the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan in violating Art.14 -101 , part 2 , paragraph “a”, “b”, “f”, “g”, “h”, “i”, “l” 129 Part 3, Part 1 169, 2 174, part 2, 176 part 1, part 2, 214, 218 Part 1, 2.3, 231 Part 4, paragraph “a”, “b” 235, part 2, paragraph “a”, “b”, 254 part 4, paragraph “a”, “b”, 271 Part 3, Part 2, 273, 275, Part 1, Part 3 287 of the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan.[1]

Sentence: He was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment: 5 years in prison, the rest in a penal colony with confiscation of property followed by living in a prescribed place for 5 years, and the prohibition to hold substantive and responsible management positions within 3 years.[2]

Biography: Businessman, brother of Amanmukhammet and Yklym Yklymov. He graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Turkmen State University. In Soviet times, he lived in the Smolensk region of Russia, where he worked in the field of trade, including as Deputy Director General of the Pochinkovskoe interdistrict trading base, and then at Consumers Union in the district center Glinka. During perestroika, he returned to Turkmenistan and worked in the Ministry of Commerce. His last position was as Head of the State Trade Inspection. He later engaged in business.

Relatives Arrested/ harassed/detained: On November 25, 2002, at 11 AM, all members of the Yklymov family were taken from their houses by KNB and MIF officials, and brought to the house of Yklym Yklymov’s mother, Edzhebai. Armed soldiers were posted inside and outside the house. Then they took Orazmammet away in handcuffs. The same day they took all of the males in the family, including those under age. The adolescents were abused and harshly beaten in prison. On November 28, 2002, at 2 am, all the women and children were woken up, and the courtyard of the house was filled with KNB and MNS officials. Everyone was ordered to leave the house, without the chance to get dressed or get belongings, and was evicted into the streets. At this time approximately 50 women and children total were among those arrested, detained, imprisoned or harassed as part of collective punishment inflicted upon the Yklymov family.

  • Yklymov, Amanmukhammet ( See above);
  • Yklymov, Yklym (See p. 39);
  • Niyazdurdyev, Davlet ( See p. 48).

Current Situation: Unknown. Relatives do not have any information about his location or fate.

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