Otuzov, Begmurad

Otuzov, Begmurad Saparbaevich

Biography: Born in Dashoguz Province. In the mid-1990s – deputy head of the investigation department of the National Security Committee of Turkmenistan, approximately from 1997 – head of the investigation department of the KNB of Turkmenistan, Colonel. From January 16, 2001 – first deputy of the General Prosecutor of Turkmenistan. From July 9, 2001 – first deputy khyakim of Lebap Province, chairman of the council for coordinating activities of law enforcement and military bodies of Lebap Province. On April 2, 2002, dismissed “for serious shortcomings during the period of work in the National Security Committee of Turkmenistan,” deprived of military rank and state awards.

Arrest and conviction: Convicted in 2002. Sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment (HRC Memorial, 30.11.2002, http://www.centrasia.ru/newsA.php?st=1038696180).

Current situation: No information. In early 2014, the Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights received an unconfirmed report, according to which Otuzov held in a strict security colony AH-K/3 near Ovadan Depe prison.