Rejepdurdyev, Shykhmurat

Biography: Born in 1983 in the Gubadag District of Dashoguz Province. From 2005- 2006 persecuted for religious reasons as a “Wahhabi.” In summer 2009, moved to Saint Petersburg (Russia) where entered Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy. During vacations in the beginning of 2010 he traveled home, after which he was forbidden from traveling internationally. Upon arrival in the Ashgabat airport, officers of the Ministry of 33 National Security (MNS) took away his passport. Lived in the Gubadag District of Dashoguz Province.

Arrest and conviction: Around May-June 2010 he was summoned to the MNS Department in Dashoguz and arrested there. On the same day, during the search of the house in Gubadag where he lived with his mother, 3 cartridges were seized in the cellar. His relatives believe they were planted during the search. Around August 2010, convicted by the court of one of the districts of Dashoguz Province and found guilty of “Wahhabism,” together with several local residents (details are unknown). Sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment in a general security colony. An appeal was not filed. After the sentence entered into force, was transferred to a colony in Lebap Province, then was transferred to Ovadan Depe prison. Since that time, visits and correspondence have been banned, but until the summer of 2016, one of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ashgabat accepted parcels for him from relatives. Shortly before the end of the prison term in 2013, he received a new term (details are unknown). His brothers Ashyrbai and Tachmyrad Bekiyev, who live in Russia, were found guilty in interstate search in December 2015 on charges under Art. 177 p. 1 of the CCT (incitement of religious hatred). In May 2016, Ashyrbai Bekiyev was detained in St. Petersburg on an extradition request from Turkmenistan (, but a year later released after the European Court of Human Rights notified the Russian authorities of the application of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court (

Current situation: No information. Relatives have not seen him since the trial in 2010. According to unofficial sources, around July 2016 was transferred from Ovadan Depe to Abdushukur prison in Turkmenabad.