Valiev, Saparmamed

Date of Birth: Unknown

Biography: Unknown. Valiev was previously director of the Turkmenbashi refinery (, 13.08.2005)

Arrest and Conviction: He was arrested on August 22, 2005, accused of misappropriation, embezzlement and abuse of office, deprived of state awards and honorary titles, including the title of “Hero of Turkmenistan” (, 22.08.2005). On September 13, 2005, President Niyazov stated that Valiev had been sentenced to 20 years, and that he had seized US $25 million, 20 cars, 19 homes and cottages. (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 21.09.2005). According to others, he was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment with confiscation of property (Radio Liberty, 19.09.2005). On September 13, 2005, in connection with the criminal case, he was dismissed as director of the Turkmenbashi refinery (, 13.08.2005)