Ataev, Nurmurad

Biography: Chairman of the Association of livestock joint stock companies of Turkmenistan “Turkmenmallary.” On September 10, 2002, dismissed “for serious shortcomings in work.”

Arrest and conviction: Charged with appropriation of Charvadar enterprise funds, initially for approximately 2 billion manat, illegal possession of 2000 head of sheep, etc. (Neitralnyi Turkmenistan, 11.09.2002). Later, General Prosecutor Atadzhanova stated that under the “roof” of the company Charvadar, created by Ataev, wool and other livestock products worth 13 billion manat had been stolen, resulting in their acquisition of illegal profits of 58 billion manat and the possession of over 70 thousand sheep, a thousand head of cattle, etc. (Neitralnyi Turkmenistan, 16.11.2002). Convicted in 2002. Sentenced to a long prison term.

Current situation: No information. According to unconfirmed report (“List of 25”), died in custody on August 14, 2007.