Atageldyev, Resulberdi Annaberdyevich

Biography: Born on April 16, 1979 in Berkarar village in the Tejen District of Ahal Province. Graduated from the International Turkmen-Turkish University in Ashgabat. Head of the company “Merdem” (owner of the restaurant “AlpEt” and entertainment center “Merdem”). Lived in Ashgabat.

Arrest and conviction: According to unconfirmed reports, in August-October 2016 was held in custody in a criminal case for improper use of loans. Arrested on October 11, 2016. Charged with involvement in the international religious movement created by the Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen. Convicted on February 8, 2017 by Ashgabat city court under Art. 177 p. 3; 275 p. 3; 275.1 p. 3 of the CCT. Sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment (5 years in prison, the rest in a strict security colony) with confiscation of property.

Current situation: No information.