Charyyarov, Serdar Meredmuhamedovich

Biography: Before March 14, 2002 – Commander of the Air Force and air defense troops of Turkmenistan. Simultaneously, before July 3, 1996, and from June 18, 2001 – Deputy Minister of Defense. From March 14, 2002 – First Deputy Minister of Defense – Chief of the General Staff, Commander of the Air Force of Turkmenistan. On May 26, 2003, let go from his responsibilities for “serious shortcomings in his work.” Lieutenant-General.

Arrest and conviction: On May 26, 2003, at the meeting in the Ministry of Defense with the participation of President Niyazov, Charyyarov was publicly charged with involvement in the coup attempt on November 25, 2002, illegal arms sales in 1994, and stealing military property. On the same day, he was dismissed “for serious shortcomings in the work.” A special commission headed by the Prosecutor General was charged with checking whether the charges had grounds within 25 days ( The results of the work of this commission are unknown. The US State Department’s Report on Human Rights in the World in 2003 said that Charyyarov was arrested on the same day. On May 29, 2003, Deutsche Welle reported that he was placed under house arrest and that in addition, five Air Force officers who were close to him, suspected of abuse of authority and theft of state property, were also arrested ( His further fate is unknown. According to an unconfirmed report, he was “sent to prison with his family” (

Current situation: No information.