Gafurov, Aziz

Biography: Born in 1982 in Lebap Province. Participated in informal studies on Islam, conducted by Bakhram Saparov. Lived in the town of Urgendji (near Turkmenabad).

Arrest and conviction: Arrested in late 2015. Charged with involvement in anti-state activities. Convicted in 2016(?) under Art. 174, 175, 177 and others of the CCT. Sentenced to a long prison term.

Current situation: According to the “Alternative Turkmenistan News” project, he died in June 2017 in Ovadan Depe prison. His body was handed over to the family for burial on June 24, 2017. According to eye witness reports from relatives, “Aziz’s body was blue from beating…unbelievably skinny and droopy.” His parents and other relatives who were present at the washing of the body, took a statement of nondisclosure. (;