Khodjamuradov, Annamurad

Biography: Born on July 11, 1935, in the town of BayramAli in Mary Province. Retired, former head of the government of Turkmenistan during the Soviet period. In 1959, graduated from Moscow Institute of Water Management Engineers. Since 1959, worked as the chief engineer and hydraulic engineer at a collective farm. Since 1960, worked as an engineer, chief engineer, director of the Directorate on the construction of the Karakum Canal. Since 1969, deputy and then first deputy, and since 1979 was Minister of Land Reclamation and Water Resources of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic (TSSR). Since 1985, served as deputy Chair of the Council of Ministers of TSSR. Since January 1986 was Chair of the Council of Ministers of TSSR. From October (?) 1989 to December 1991, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Soviet Union at the Council of Ministers of TSSR. During 1984- 1989 – Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, in 1989-1991 — people’s deputy of the USSR. Member of the Central Auditing Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1986-1990). Lived in Ashgabat.

Arrest and conviction: Arrested in late 2002. Charged with involvement in the coup attempt on November 25, 2002. Convicted in January 2003 under Art. 210 p. 2 of the CCT. Sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a general security colony. Later the custody regime was changed from a colony to prison.

Current situation: According to unofficial information (“List of 25”), Khodjamuradov died in custody on April 27, 2006. Information on his death in 2006 in the prison in the town of Turkmenbashi was confirmed by a former cellmate, according to whom Khodjamuradov 28 died several hours after he had been beaten by the prison guards for possession of a piece of soap. The body was not handed over to the relatives.