Turkmenistan’s rank in natural gas reserves


Rating for political rights (lowest possible)


Press freedom index of Turkmenistan (out of 180)


Confirmed cases of enforced disappearances

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Обновленный список исчезнувших в туркменских тюрьмах

В сентябре 2018 года кампания «Покажите их живыми!»...

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Updated report on the disappeared in Turkmenistan’s prisons

In September 2018, The Prove They Alive! campaign published an updated report on the...

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European Union Raises Concerns about Enforced Disappearances in Turkmenistan

On August 30, 2018, The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Permanent...

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*Stats according to Freedom House reports (https://freedomhouse.org/country/turkmenistan)