Aydogdyev, Dortkuli

Biography: Born in 1962 in the village of Geokcha of the Ashgabat District of Ahal Province. In 1990 graduated from the Turkmen Institute of National Economy. From 1982 – junior seller, manager of a store, deputy director, director of the Leninsk district produce center in Ashgabat. From 1994 – deputy general director, general director of the State wholesale-resale association “Turkmenbakaleya.” From November 29, 1995 – deputy chairman of the State commodity exchange. From April 23, 1999 – Minister of Trade and International Trade. From October 30, 2001— Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the Federal Republic of Germany. From August 23, 2002 – Minister of Textile Production. Simultaneously, from November 15, 2002 – deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. On May 16, 2006, dismissed “for serious shortcomings in the work and abuse of power.” President Niyazov stated that Aydogdyev “surrounded himself with unworthy people,” and “purposely led astray the higher leadership of the country,” hiding negative facts about his nominees and their close relatives. Lived in Ashgabat.

Arrest and conviction: Accused of abuse of power and other offenses. Convicted in 2006.

Current situation: According to the former political prisoner Geldy Kyarizov, in 2006- 2007 Aydogdyev was held in Ovadan Depe prison. In the beginning of February 2007 (after the death of President Niyazov), he was transferred to the strict security colony in Bayramali. From there, phoned the new President Berdymukhamedov asking the question, “When will they free us?” On the next day he was returned to Ovadan Depe prison. Geldy Kyarizov stated, based on a reliable source, that Aydogdyev was dead in custody about May-June 2015. The body was given to relatives. Was buried near village of the Geokcha of the Derveze District of Ahal Province. According to participants in the funeral, the body of Aydogdyev weighed less than 50 kilograms – in comparison to over 115 kg at the time of arrest.