Ahmedov, Geday

Date of Birth: 1940

Biography: Former Khyakim of Lebap Province, an esteemed “elder” and “Hero of Turkmenistan.”

Arrest and Conviction: He was arrested in February 2006 for economic crimes, and sentenced to 17 years in prison (http://archive.chrono-tm.org/?id=112). According to the Turkmenistan Initiative for Human Rights, Ahmedov died in early July 2006. His body was delivered to the relatives in the Lebap Province in the trunk of a car and buried in secrecy. According to his cellmates, Ahmedov suffered from diabetes, but because he was imprisoned in Ovan Depe, did not receive the necessary medicines. About a month or two before his death, he could not walk. http://archive.chrono-tm.org/?id=150