This picture shows the cover of the report, featuring President Berdymukhamedov

Turkmenistan: A Model Kleptocracy

Produced by Prove They Are Alive! campaign member, Crude Accountability, and written by Tom Mayne, the new report Turkmenistan: A Model Kleptocracy traces corruption in Turkmenistan by looking at how much the Turkmen government is earning, how the revenue is managed, and what the money is spent on. 

The comprehensive report places the Turkmen regime’s kleptocracy in the broader context of corruption, including the implications for human rights by examining the corrupt legacy established under the country’s first president, Saparmurat Niyazov, who created the system of kleptocracy that continues under his successor, President Berdymukhamedov.

It also looks at key government officials and members of Berdymukhamedov’s family in a bid to fill in the blanks about those who profit from this state theft. It follows officials who have been jailed for economic crimes in order to see what we can learn from their alleged wrongdoings and what it says about those who remain in power. 

Finally, this report looks at those businesses that have looked to profit from one of the most repressive regimes in the world by establishing links with the Turkmen government and those that have acted as enablers to the regime by providing goods and services to the Turkmen state, which serves to entrench an already corrupt system. 

The report is available online to view and download here.


Statement on the International Week of the Disappeared

The statement is also available in PDF format  Every last week of May, the Prove They Are Alive! campaign joins the global community in observing the International Week of the Disappeared. On this occasion, the Prove! campaign remembers all those who have been forcibly disappeared in the prisons of Turkmenistan and renews its resolve to […]

Язгельды Гундогдыев, бывший высокопоставленный чиновник и жертва насильственных исчезновений в Туркменистане, скончался после 18 лет тюремного заключения без связи с внешним миром

Заявление кампании «Покажите их живыми!» Кампании «Покажите их живыми!» стало известно из заслуживающего доверия источника[1], что 28 декабря 2020 года в тюремном заключении скончался бывший высокопоставленный государственный чиновник Туркменистана Язгельды Гундогдыев. 64-летний Гундогдыев являлся бывшим главой международного отдела аппарата президента и бывшим главой администрации Дашогузского велаята. Гундогдыев скончался в колонии, проведя более 18 лет в […]

Yazgeldy Gundogdyev, Former High Ranking Official and a Victim of Enforced Disappearance in Turkmenistan, Dies in Custody after 18 Years of Incommunicado Detention

Statement by the Prove They Are Alive! Campaign The Prove They Are Alive! campaign has learned from a trustworthy source[1] that a former high-ranking Turkmen government official, Yazgeldy Gundogdyev, died in custody on December 28, 2020. Gundogdyev, 64, was former Head of the International Department of the Presidential Administration and the former Head of Administration […]