Happy birthday, Batyr. You are not alone

October 3 marks the 58th anniversary of Batyr Berdyev,  former diplomat and Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan. Batyr Berdyev is a victim of enforced disappearances. He disappeared in January 2003  after a closed and unfair trial.  Prove They Are Alive! published a collection of poems written by Batyr Berdyev early in his prison term.

Poet and translator James Womack, who finalized the translation of Batyr’s poems into English, congratulates Berdyev on his birthday.

The video is also available on the Azatlyk website in Turkmen and in Russian.


Туркменские власти должны незамедлительно освободить пропавших в тюрьмах, чьи сроки заключения закончились

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Helsinki on the Hill Podcast on Disappeared in Turkmenistan

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